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Next Evolution Coffee Shop

Monday- Friday 7:30a-3p


We like to "Think Outside the Box."

Every beginning came from someone who was willing to make their thought a reality. Next Evolution was created with the “Think outside of the box mentality.” Our logo is inspired by the meaning the past does not equal the future. No matter who you were in the past you can always change your future. We are here to support that. We believe that a happy healthy life begins with a healthy happy mindset. Making the small choices every day to create the best version of you begins with a single thought and a single choice. The arrow on the top signifies the past arrow it’s dull it’s primitive and though its helped you to become who you are it’s time to progress and sharpen yourself like the arrow on the bottom, going toward your future. We named our shop Next Evolution because we believe that we are transitioning into a world where technology advancement and natural healing and reconnection to our land and resources is vitally important. It’s amazing to be apart of a world that is rapidly increasing in knowledge and truth. We saw a need to provide healthy organic food and drink options for our community and those traveling through. A healthy life begins with what we put into our bodies it creates who we are and who we are becoming. Our space is created to captivate your eyes and mind it also is a space for community and connection and most of all contribution.


Thank you for choosing Next Evolution. 


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” 



Healthy Food and Drink Options

Next Evolution Coffee Shop Menu



Drinks- Iced or Hot

Coffee (drip or pour over) S-2.00 M-3 L-3.50

Latte (Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Coconut, Pumpkin Spice) S-4 M-5 L-6

Chai Latte S-4 M-5 L-6

Caramel Hazel Craze S-4 M-5 L-6

Tea (lemon ginger, berry hibiscus, blueberry passion fruit green tea, chai raboos, green tea with matcha) S- 2 M-3 L-4

Matcha Latte S-4 M-5 L-6

Caramel Macchiato S-4 M-5 L-6

Gabby- organic hot chocolate S-3 M-4 L-5

Extra Shot- 1.00

Fresh Pressed Juices

S-6.00 M-7.00 L-8.00

Revive- apple, celery, cucumber  

Sunrise warrior- carrot, cucumber, lemon

Celery juice

Christeen- apple, celery, lemon



S-5 M-6 L-7

Evolve- banana, cauliflower, almond milk, blueberry, raspberry

Pathfinder- PB2 powder, spinach, almond milk, nut butter, banana, coffee

“OM”- turmeric, ginger, pineapple, peach, almond milk  

Enlightened- matcha, oats, banana, almond milk, chia

Light path- blueberry, banana , beet, spinach, almond milk  

Montana- blueberry, banana, almond milk

Maddy- strawberry, banana, almond milk

A2theJ- raspberry, banana, almond milk

Next Evolution- banana, chocolate protein, spinach, coffee grounds, nut butter, almond milk S-6 M-7 L-8

Anti-inflammatory smoothie- S-5 M-6 L-7

Peaceful Warrior- S-5 M-6 L-7



Bagel and Cream Cheese–3.50

Avocado Toast-4.00

To go oats-5.00 (add 3 of your favorite toppings)

Alyssa's Mighty Oats- peanut butter, banana, honey- 5.00

Bobby Special- toasted sourdough, avocado, cheese, jalapeño with everything seasoning- 4.50

Yogurt Banana Split-6.00

Fruit- apple, banana 2.00

Power Energy Ball-3.00

Tortilla chips and hummus-4.00


Acai Cup with toppings(fresh banana, strawberry, blueberry, coconut flakes, chia, raspberry, honey) - 10.00

Carrot Juice
Blueberry Muffins
Bagel Sandwich
Breakfast on the go
Bagel Sandwich_edited.jpg
to go yummies.HEIC
Lexi Oats
Blueberry Banana Toast
lexi oats_edited.jpg
Healthy Breakfast

New on the Menu

The Maria (White chocolate mocha caramel) S-4 M-5 L-6

The Taylor (Golden milk blend with espresso and honey) S-4 M-5 L-6

Banana Chai S-4 M-4 L-6

Purple Passion Freeze S-4 M-5 L-6

Blueberry Banana Toast- 3.00

Hummus Tomato Cucumber Toast- 3.00

Lexi's Power Oats (oatmeal with strawberry, banana, honey, peanut butter and chia seed)- 5.00

Trever's Endurance Oats (apple, banana, peanut butter, honey, granola)-5.00

The Cam Sandwich-sourdough, mayo, mustard, oregano, tomato, mushroom, onion, jalapeño, salami, cheese, spinach, avocado, salt, pepper.- 8.00

Salads 5.00

Vitality Start- spinach, strawberry, kale, cucumber, onion

Pesha Green- spinach, cucumber, tomato, mushroom, pumpkin seed

Epic Salad- spinach, carrot, tomato, mushroom, chia, beets cucumber  

Fresh Garden Salad-spring mix, carrot, cucumber, tomato, onion, croutons

Bobby Salad 8.00-spring mix, tomato, cheese, turkey, avocado, jalapeno, carrot, cucumber, croutons,onion



Spinach wrap 6.00-spinach wrap, tomato,  cheese, mayo, mustard, spinach, avocado, mushrooms, oregano, onion

Tomato wrap 5.00- whole wheat wrap, hummus, cheese, tomato, cucumber, oregano, spinach, onion

Make your own wrap

Bagel sandwich 6.00- avocado, tomato , cheese, oregano

Sandwiches 5.00

(add turkey or salami 2.00)


Sourdough sandwich- spinach, tomato, vegan mayo, mustard, oregano, cheese, mushroom  

Multigrain sandwich - spinach, tomato, hummus, cucumber, oregano, salt, pepper



Vial shots 3.00

Visionary- turmeric, ginger, cayenne  

Up Beet- beet, apple, lemon  

Power shot- celery, lemon


Combos 12.00

Next Evolution- Salad/juice/chips of choice

Daily Grind- wrap or sandwich/chips and smoothie  



Specialty Drinks

Pineapple mango hydrate S-6 M-7 L-8

Matcha Motivation Hydrate S-6 M-7 L -8

Chai (blended with ice)-S-4 M-5 L-6

Mocha Chai (blended with ice)-S-4 M-5 L-6

Kombucha- 5

Lavender Lemonade S-4 M-5 L-6

Strawberry Lemonade S-4 M-5 L-6

Mango Lemonade S-4 M-5 L-6

Raspberry Lemonade S-4 M-5 L-6

Cucumber Lemon Mint Water S-2 M-3 L-4

Golden Milk (turmeric, ginger, steamed milk) S-3 M-4 L-5

Strawberry/Mango/Pineapple Hydrate

S-5 M-6 L-7

Peppermint Mocha S-4 M-5 L-6

Italian Soda S-4 M-5 L-6

Mocha S-4 M-5 L-6


Try the New Drink!

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN- espresso, chocolate protein, peanut butter, banana, almond milk

S-5 M-6 L-7


 Andrea Martinez


My favorite quotes:


"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure" -Tony Robbins

"Add value, find a way to do more for others than anyone else."-Tony Robbins

"It's not what you preach its what you tolerate" - Joko Willink

"Progress equals happiness" - Tony Robbins

"If I can't do great things I can do small things in a great way" -MLK

My name is Andrea Martinez I am Native American from the Walker River Paiute Tribe located in Schurz Nevada. I have a passion for personal development, running, yoga and constant evolution in every aspect of life. I found my purpose from loneliness, hurt and struggle. I know what it feels like to need direction in this crazy journey called life. It was in my deepest darkest moments I found my true self and started fulfilling my purpose of serving others. Then, I created Next Evolution Coffee Shop to introduce an alternative lifestyle to our small community. A lifestyle that includes healing, healthy food and drink options, positive thinking and daily affirmations. I wanted to create a space for our community and travelers to come find rest and healing. Foods that come from the earth have always been a staple for our culture as Native American people, it's time to re-connect with our ways of being one with the earth and use foods as a way to heal and thrive. I also wanted to create a place for our community to come and gather in a good way. We hope to be able to serve our community for generations to come.

Maria Martinez


"Leave a legacy of change and empowerment" -unknown

Hello, howdy my name is Maria Martinez I'm from Schurz Nevada and I have lived here most of my life aside from attending college at TMCC and UNLV. I am an enrolled member of the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe in Fallon Nevada. I enjoy working out at the gym spending quality time with loved ones, reading and admiring the beauty of nature. Working at Next Evolution Coffee Shop has opened my eyes of knowing how important it is to serve others and being enthusiastic in doing so. Next Evolution Coffee Shop has also helped me on my health journey of learning the importance of health foods and drinks. I enjoy serving our community and travelers in positive atmosphere. May you find your way and believe that anything is possible no matter the circumstances. You can bring to light whatever it is you can imagine. Pesha Tabeno "Good Day" (Paiute)


Why Ethical
Coffee Shops Matter 

Next Evolution believes in people over profit. We care about our community, the balance between living in the world we live in today and being able to live a self-sustainable life. Our coffee is roasted by Star Village coffee a family owned Native American business. We use as much organic products as possible and use foods grown in gardens here in Schurz Nevada. Our disposable products are all recycled and compositable. We also have vegan options available. We wanted to see a positive change in our community so we decided to be that change.   

NXT Evo Cultural creatives.PNG
Green Vegetables

Next Evolution Coffee Shop

4003 Hwy 95 Schurz, NV 


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